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Vesper Whitening Toothpaste

20 €
Type: toothpaste

As dusk falls men and women have for hundreds of years engaged in a holy ceremony in search of a higher calling. These nightfall rituals are known as vespers – evening prayers.

Inspired by the riddled nature of sacral imagery, vesper seeks to encapsulate a hard-to-define, cryptic and ceremonial experience that resonates with your inner self.

– I wanted Vesper to have some feeling of religiosity because it represents mankind's attempt to portray the mystical and the metaphysical – that which is beyond us and our realm of understanding, says Kristoffer Vural, founder of Selahatin.

Whitening toothpaste from Stockholm based Selahatin. With the ambition to elevate the experience of an essential daily everyday practice, the brand offers artisan aromas and minimalist aesthetics. The Selahatin formulation is developed and produced in Switzerland, contains fluoride, four whitening agents as well as anti-oxidants.