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By Terry
Rose Hydrating Sheet Mask

15 €

Sheet mask. Moisturizing face mask for all skin types, even dry skin. With rich rose extracts. Infused with real rose petals. With hydrating rose oil. Hydrating Mask.
Treat your dry, parched skin to all the nourishing benefits and uplifting scent of the iconic Baume de Rose, in the form of this beautiful hydrating face mask – with actual rose petals!
This hydrating sheet mask is designed to hug every contour of your face, locking in all of its moisturizing ingredients so skin feels supremely hydrated. Keep chilled for a wonderfully cooling sensation.

This hydrating mask’s special cocooning texture ensures ingredients are deeply absorbed into the skin. Your dry, tight complexion will be plumped and soothed with nourishing and repairing extracts of rose damascena, black rose and vitamin E, while rose hip oil locks in moisture for round-the-clock hydration.

Skin feels comfortably hydrated and deeply nourished, with fine lines reduced and a post-facial glow. Carefully unfold the two sections of the hydrating sheet mask and remove the protective film. Apply to clean skin for 20 minutes. Gently remove and massage excess product into skin. Do not rinse. Discard mask after use. Keep in the fridge beforehand for wonderful cooling sensation, or plunge the sheet mask with its outer packaging into hot water, then apply it to you skin to really open up the pores for a more intense treatment.