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Cosmetics 27
Pure 27

78 €

Balancing, anti-blemishes and hydrating fluid, Pure 27 treats blemishes, rednesses, dilated pores and excess of sebum. This ultra light fluid takes its properties from a blend of active ingredients that purifies the skin, hydrates, balances the microbiota, and smoothes the irregularities. Formulated to help the skin with a dysfunction of the hydrolipidic epidermic structure, often related to inappropriate diet, environment, stress and mask wearing. The skin regains a more homogeneous, smoother appearance. The complexion appears more uniform, clarified.

Pure 27 combines natural origin ingredients, selected for their proven properties that treat particularly skin with imperfections and blemishes.

Treats and reduces blemishes, regulates sebum excess, to help smooth skin surface and reduce the aspect of dilated pores – zinc, vitamins B3, hemp seed oil, Enantia chlorantha and bio-fermented complex from grapes, ginger
Purifies and helps reduce toxins and sebum excess – bio-fermented complex from grapes, ginger and incense resin
Hydrates dried skin and soothes light visible redness – xilitylglucoside, hemp seed oil and α-bisabolol
Rebuilds the good skin microbiota and contributes to strengthen the hydrolipidic barrier – hemp seed oil and prebiotic chicory fibers
Stimulates epidermal tissue renewal - Centella Asiatica extract and vitamins B3
The skin feels moisturized, softer and soothed, it appears clarified, more balanced. The skin texture appears smoother, more uniform and the appearance of enlarged pores is diminished. Small rednesses and imperfections fade. The skin regains a healthy purified complexion.

Recommended for blemish- or acne-prone young skin (27 - 35 years old). Apply daily in the morning and evening on face and neck onto perfectly cleansed skin.