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Poudre Velours

28 €

209 - Brun

4-in-1 velvety effect powder to apply on eyebrows and eyes (1), as eye shadow (2), eyeliner (3) and/or khol (4). Eyebrows application (1) :
For easier application, use the POCHOIR D'ARTISTE for eyebrows adapted to your arch. Fill in the line delimitation by tracing light lines with the applicator, imitating the hairs and creating the desired shape.

Shade off possible surplus and comb your eyebrows with PINCEAU BROSSE N°4 for eyes. To create natural shade in the eyebrow, remove the powder on the applicator with the PINCEAU BROSSE N°4 and apply on the eyebrow. Fix the eyebrows makeup with MASCARA NATUREL PARFAIT.

Application as eyeliner (3) :
Draw a line at the base of the eyelashes using the applicator. For a graphic effect, drop a little of product on the back of the hand and draw with the previously moisturized PINCEAU PRECISION N°3.

Application as eye shadow (2) :
Remove the powder along the lash line, then delicately smudge the powder on the mobile eyelid, according to the desired effect, with the PINCEAU PRECISION N°3 for the eyes.

Application as khol (4) :
Hold the applicator horizontally on the lower lash line. Close the eye and proceed by using back and forth movements to drop off the pigment evenly. Then curl superior and inferior eyelids. Master the ancestral gestures in the manner of Cleopatra …