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Pommade Crème Suprême

31 €

308 - Ardoise

3-in-1 pomade ideal to sculpt and redraw the eyebrows (1), it can also be applied as eye shadow (2) and eyeliner (3). Eyebrows application (1) :
For easier application, use POCHOIRS D'ARTISTE for eyebrows. Choose the one most adapted to the shape of your arch and fill within the outline by tracing thin lines with PINCEAU PRÉCISION N°3 for the eyes to imitate the hair and create the desired shape.

For a natural result, after application, dim the pomade with PINCEAU BROSSE N°4 for the eyes.

Application as eye shadow (2) and eyeliner (3) :
For a graphic effect, identical to a liquid eyeliner but easier, apply the POMMADE CRÈME SUPRÊME with the PINCEAU PRÉCISION N°3 for the eyes.
Then blur the tips with your fingers.

For a true « smocky-eyes » effect, add some POUDRE VELOURS on the eyelid.