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Parfums Caron
Or Et Noir

210 €

eau de parfum (EDP)

The jewels of the La Collection Privée stand for the highest demands, luxury and creative boldness and thus honor the olfactory legacy of the Maison Caron Paris. In a new interpretation, Caron returns to its origins with the collection and embodies the art deco of the 1920s. Of all the flowers that made Caron's creations so famous, one particularly fascinated founder Ernest Daltroff: the rose - its attraction never fades, its subtle nuances never exhaust. Inspired by the founder's notes, Michel Morsetti created the perfume Or Et Noir - gold and black. The full richness of the beguiling oriental rose unfolds in the composition, accompanied by the warm aroma of the Provence rose, the Bulgarian rose and a hint of amber and lilac.