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By Terry
Ombre Blackstar

32 €

1- Black Pearl

Bestselling 3-in-1 eyeshadow. Eyeliner, illuminator and eyeshadow. Anti-ageing formula. Creamy and blendable texture. Travel-size.
Glam up the eyes in an instant with the iconic Ombre BlackStar. It’s an eyeliner, illuminator and an eyeshadow all in one convenient pen. Enriched with Tahitian pearls, this powerful anti-aging ingredient alongside light-reflecting properties help to lift the eyelids so they look wider and brighter. Creamy texture glides on effortlessly and is easy to layer and blend. Highly pigmented. Matte to iridescent finish. Available in 6 shades.

Features Tahitian Pearls that are rich in fortifying calcium and anti-ageing proteins to care for your eyelids. These ingredients also help to create a creamy formula that glides effortlessly onto the lids making it easy to apply and blend.
Features light-reflecting properties that lift the eyelids so eyes look brighter and wider.
Adhesive polymers provide long lasting color.

This multi-purpose, creamy eyeshadow pen helps you to master a quick and easy smokey eye to a more dramatic eyeshadow look. Glides on effortlessly. Buildable and blendable. Long lasting, intense color.