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By Terry
Mascara Terrybly

38 €

1 - Black Parti-Pris

Growth boosting mascara. Lash lengthening serum. Full volume. Intense definition. Highly pigmented. Clump-resistant, flake-resistant, smudge-resistant.
Discover a new generation of mascara that gives you a false-lash effect whilst caring for your lashes. The revolutionary Terrybly Mascara features a cocktail of powerful ingredients including hyaluronic acid, collagen, plant protein and growth-activating technology so lashes look stronger, healthier, longer, thicker and more volumized. Available in 4 colorways.

Revolutionary technology that stimulates new growth, cares for lashes and prevents lash loss.
Hyaluronic acid and ultra-repairing and protective collagen bathes the lashes in a nourishing and smoothing balm and acts as a rejuvenating treatment.
Revives the lashes so they look longer and thicker.
Ultra-soft plant waxes and polymers create curve and volume.

This wonder mascara takes short, sparse and fragile lashes to a whole new dimension. The intense, highly pigmented serum-like formula creates longer, thicker, defined and more volumized lashes for a false-lash effect. The lash care ingredients visibly transform lashes day after day.