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Robert Piguet

165 €

eau de parfum (EDP)

Mademoiselle Piguet de Robert Piguet is a radiant and modern floral fragrance that pays tribute to both the romantic and sensual associations of orange blossom’s alluring character — the perfect addition to the Piguet family of feminine masterpieces.

The radiant Mademoiselle Piguet captures the beguiling beauty of orange blossoms, from their bright verdancy to their rich warmth. The exhilarating citrus prelude suggests a lighthearted character, while the smoky sweetness of tonka beans lends the scent a sensual touch. Clinging to the skin like warm silk, Mademoiselle Piguet enchants with its gentle and charming accords.

Warm and inviting; Mademoiselle Piguet captivates with graceful allure.