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Love Mimosa Woman

From 240 €

eau de parfum (EDP)

Like a woman who moves through the world with confidence and grace, Love Mimosa from Amouage's Secret Garden Collection is an homage to female empowerment. A delicate and hypnotising fragrance, it is a manifestation of her shattering the glass ceiling and rising stronger, livelier, and wiser. Love Mimosa's top notes open with an aquatic tone accented by Cascalone. In its heart, Mimosa is painted with a creamy and powdery finish together with Orris and Heliotrope. Pear creates a sweetness with a subtle fruity aroma that is both light and modern. Ylang Ylang in the base projects a subtle sensuality together with strength and individuality. Radiant, energetic and powerful, Love Mimosa is just as resilient as the women who wear it and unleashes a renewed woman set out to accomplish the impossible. Amouage’s signature glass crystal bottles are introduced in a charismatic citrus yellow finish adorned with a yellow Swarovski crystal.