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La Fervance
Gua Sha & Roller Facial Contour And Sculpting Kit

59 €
Type: Facial massager

The La Fervance Contour and Sculpting Kit combines the Blue Sodalite Gua Sha and Blue Sodalite Gold Roller for maximum effect.

The Blue Sodalite Facial Roller and is used to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps decrease puffiness and inflammation while promoting cell turnover and improving elasticity and skin tone. Whilst the Blue Sodalite Gua Sha has been carved especially for use on the face.

The Blue Sodalite stone which we choose for La Fervance is a calming stone that brings emotional balance and calms the mind. It enhances self-esteem and will be the ultimate relaxing tool.

For maximum results combine this with our Eclat Extraordinaire.