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Cosmetics 27
Glow 27

98 €
Type: facial serum

Pigmentation imperfections and dark spots reducing, the high performance natural serum actively reduces the appearance of pigmentation spots & irregularities, enhance skin's radiance while preserving the integrity of its ecosystem (microbiota). Powered by Centella Asiatica. It also contributes to homogenize the skin uneven surface.

The Glow 27 formula is made of natural origin active ingredients that act in a complementary and synergistic way. This alchemy is generating brightness:

Reduces the appearance of dark spots and imperfections through stabilized Vitamin C combined with a C-booster, increasing the absorption of Vitamin C, Centella Asiatica extracts. They all contribute to stimulate cell renewal and regenerate of the epidermal barrier, reducing the visible spots.
Prevents new pigmentation spots by inhibiting the melanogenesis . The action of a natural wheat extract , a Tyrosinase inhibitor, works in combination with an extract of golden seaweed, to limit excessive melanin pigment migration while bringing a healthy skin radiance.
Protects the skin against oxidative pollutants responsible for uncontrolled skin pigmentation and helps prevent inflammatory effects via the properties of Centella Asiatica extracts and golden seaweed that contains alpha lipoic acid derivatives.
Strengthens the epidermal barrier and rebalances the skin microbiota. "Microbiote friendly" formula, it brings prebiotics: oligosaccharides, wheat flour extract.
The complexion appears more homogeneous, as the product is used, pigment spots, imperfections and the appearance of dilated pores are reduced (cure of 1-month minimum), the skin texture is more uniform. Glow 27 acts as a correcting – perfecting treatment of complexion, the skin regains a natural radiance.

Apply two doses of Glow 27 in the morning and/or evening on the face, neck and décolleté: For pigmentation imperfections treatment, apply 2 doses in the morning and evening (min 1 months). Glow 27 can be mixed with other Cosmetics 27 products especially Crème Bio-Logique 27, Baume 27 or Huile 27.