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Fougère Royale

150 €

eau de parfum (EDP)

Fougère Royale celebrates the prodigious, groundbreaking 1882 creation of the fougère fragrance genre by House of Houbigant French perfumer, Paul Parquet.
As well as creating an entirely new fragrance family, Parquet had succeeded in extracting isolated, synthetic molecules from natural, raw materials.
In the dedicated pursuit to expand olfactory palettes with novel, new aromas, he’d derived coumarin from the Tonka Bean in a worldwide premiere.
In its mission to authentically replicate the original, regal masterpiece from centuries past, the reengineered formula cultivates refined, prestigious raw materials of the highest quality and provenance.
Fougère Royale retains its discriminating, elegant, noble, refined pulse and its pleasant, pastoral beauty.
The perfectly-blended perfume is redolent of green, fragrant sedge, hardy foliage, and delicately-curled fronds of shaded, dense, moist woodlands.
Sweet vernal grasses suggest the freshly-released essences of trampled, crushed, trodden, dewy verdure, with an intense hint of newly-mown hay.
In a modern, masculine reinterpretation, the flacon pays homage to its original, late nineteenth-century design.
Classic, diamond-shaped cuts add brilliant luminosity, and shoulder details allude to authentic Art Deco influences.
The bottle’s silhouette of gently-cushioned, curved sweeps suggests opulence, and allows the opening notes to be sung in perfect accord.
Fougère Royale’s nuanced scent symphony opens with a vibrant, sparkling cocktail of Bergamot, Mediterranean Herbs, Lavender and Chamomile headnotes.
Spicy, piquant heartnotes blossom with Rondeletia, Geranium, Rose de Mai Absolute, Cinnamon and Clavel.
Woody, sensual basenotes conclude with Amber, Oakmoss, Coumarin, Lentisque Absolute, Patchouli, Tonka beans Absolute and Clary Sage Absolute.