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Cosmetics 27
Eyes 27

75 €
Type: eye cream

The one-step integrative eye treatment cream: antiwrinkles, dark circles and puffiness correcting . The formula integrates an exceptional combination of natural origin ingredients and Its high efficacy is proven by clinical tests. A high penetration, lightweight comfortable texture that gently treats the specific eye zone needs to revive its spark.

Eyes 27 is a regenerating, anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle and multi-corrector eye care product that combines the properties of targeted high performance natural origin ingredients to:

Boost the collagen and GAG’s synthesis and the skin regeneration through the unique properties of the Centella Asiatica extracts Complex and Hibiscus seed extract. It restructure the skin tissue and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
Reduces visibly the appearance of dark circles and under eye puffiness (water retention) with the combined action of black coffee, white tea, ground Ivy and Kombucha extract.
Hydrates the thin and fast dehydrating eye zone with hyaluronic acid.
Soothes the sensitive and fragile eye zone area through the presence Lemon Balm and Lettuce waters. Eyes 27 is spectacularly effective on reducing the signs of age, fatigue and stress which first appear around the eyes. It firms the tissues, visibly reduces wrinkles and lines, and lifts the features to illuminate the eye zone. It restores the skin’s youth and awakens the eye zone.

The ultra-light and high-penetration cream has excellent bio-affinity with the skin. Its soft and light texture is rapidly absorbed and leaves the skin soft and incredibly comfortable, ready for make-up application. Eyes 27 can be applied day & night, onto the eye contour area. Apply a rice size dose under each eye and soflty massage going outward to the crow’s feet. Precautions for use:

- In the event of a specific dermatological and ophthalmological treatment, seek the advice of your physician.
- In the event of a reaction or intolerance, immediately stop application and consult a physician.
- In the event of direct contact with the eye, rinse with water.
- For external use by adults only