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Cosmetics 27
Essence 27

100 €
Type: facial hydrator

The water your skin needs ! Genuine skin moisture replenisher, the ultra-light, non oily, fluid, instantly penetrates the skin to relieve it. Charged with 5 hydrating ingredients, antioxydant , Centella Asiatica extract , Lysine , it restores the skin water reserves , protects against oxydative agents and promotes skin regeneration and tone. Highly soothing, it reduces the impact of environmental stresses and irritations.

Water is the crucial element for maintaining cell life. Essence 27, a natural fluid containing 2 plant-based hyaluronic acid salts, contributes to rehydrating the skin and durably maintaining its moisture level. It also provides 2 key functions for cellular energy activation (Lysine) and protection against oxidative stress (Vit C, Lemon Balm and Lettuce water). A genuine hydration booster, Essence 27 is fundamental in the C27 skin routine. Essence 27 is the everyday ally of all skin types and the secret solution for tired and overworked dehydrated skin. The skin is moisturized, supple and soft, as if “plumped up”. The skin regains its radiance, it is “rebooted”, the complexion is more luminous while minor irritations and redness are reduced. The essential action occurs within the skin itself, “quenching” its thirst and preparing it for treatment. Essence 27 is particularly suitable for dehydrated, tired, overworked skin.

Use as a serum, prior to daily treatment application, on a perfectly cleansed skin. We recommend blending it with Baume 27 prior to application ; It improves product penetration and results. It also allows to adapt the texture of the Baume 27 and make it more fluid while getting both products benefits. Essence 27 can be applied morning and evening onto the face & neck/décolleté. Suitable for all skin types. Tested under dermatological control.