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Escapist Mouthwash

Escapist Mouthwash

34 €
Type: mouthwash

An unconventional blend that solidifies the brand’s vision to integrate fantasy and reality. Selahatin’s leading aroma Escapist takes on a new shape when translated into a mouthwash. The orange further blossoms, becoming pulpier and fruitier, while lush cinnamon teeters between warm and cool on icy and refreshing peppermint.

Notes: Cinnamon, Orange and Peppermint

– Healing and anti-inflammatory chamomile extract

– Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and hydrating aloe vera

– Antioxidant vitamin E strengthens skin barrier against free radicals

– Sodium Citrate inhibits bad breath and strengthens the teeth’s protective shield

– Mineralizing Cetylpyridinium Chloride repairs, fights bacteria and provides pro-active care for sensitive teeth


• 2250 PPM Sodium Fluoride
• Antioxidants
• Chamomile Extract
• Aloe Vera