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Discovery Set

45 €
Type: gift set

In the collection of 'Floraïku' perfume samples, which are reminiscent of delicate oriental ceremonies, you will find as many as 11 extraordinary aromas:
'Sleeping on the Roof'
'One Umbrella for Two'
'The Moon and I'
'I am Coming Home'
'I See the Clouds go By'
'Cricket Song'
'First Dream of the Year'
'My Shadow on the Wall'
'Sound of a Ricochet'
'My Love has the Colour of the Night'
'Between Two Trees'

The sample set packed in an elegant and luxurious 'Floraïku' box makes a great 'gift to self' or special treat for others.

An unprecedented offer: when you buy a 'Floraïku' sample set, you will receive a personal gift code worth 25 EUR to redeem against your purchase of any 50ml + 10ml 'Floraïku' fragrance (price 255 EUR) from the Crème de la Crème online boutique within 30 days.