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DetO2x Pack Mask

150 €
Type: facial masque

Oxygenating bubble mask 6 x10 ml unitary pods. A fun and supremely effective sensory experience. Thanks to its detoxifying and oxygenating action, this effervescent mask reveals a radiant face in just minutes.

DETOXIFIES against external polluants
DETOXIFIES against the internal toxins
INFUSES oxygen into the skin
STIMULATES cell renewal

Results: The complexion is radiant and glowing.
The skin looks clearer.
Skin texture is refined and pores are less visible.

For who? All skin types.
Ideal for the asphyxiated and greyish complexions of city-dwellers or smokers. Particularly recommended if the skin texture is irregular and the pores are too visible.

Star ingredients: Double O2 Complex:
A blend of a nasturtium flower extract and a perfluorocarbon derivative. Stimulates skin oxygenation. Swiss apple stem cell liposome: Stimulates cell renewal. Swiss garden cress sprout liposome: Activates cells’ detox mechanism and prevents accumulation of impurities.

Instructions for use:
When the skin needs air, once or twice a week.
Apply the content of the pod over the face and neck in a thick layer avoiding the eye area and nostrils. The texture transforms into an active mousse.
When most bubbles have disappeared (approx 7 to 10 min), massage the product and remove it with water or with a damp tissue to facilitate the operation.
The activation of the mousse may cause a slight sensation of tingling and/or moderate redness.