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Cosmetics 27
Creme Bio-Logique 27

Cosmetics 27
Creme Bio-Logique 27

85 €
Type: facial cream

Crème Bio-logique 27 is a hydrating and pollution protecting daily treatment. Completed with prebiotic and probiotic fragments, it also helps reduce the impact of toxins and boost the microbiota . Thought as our universal cream, it is meant for all skin type and condition, age and gender.

A Must for all skin exposed daily to urban, polluted and damaging environments, the formula based on targeted natural origin ingredients, acts as:

An « eco-shield », an environmental protecting natural ingredient forms a protective film, preventing the adhesion of carbon particles , fine particles and other toxins on the skin, thus reducing oxidative stress and mitochondrial toxicity. It also includes Reseveratrol, a strong antioxidant. Both also prevent the impact of daily excessive Blue light exposure.
Skin hydro-lipidic barrier strengthener by its hydrating properties.
Skin replenesher and balancer, enriched with mineral salts ,probiotics, Kombucha(detox) it contributes to maintain the skin microbiota balance and integrity and its role as vital skin defense barrier.
The skin is hydrated , feels soft and is better prepared to cope with daily environmental aggressions. The skin’s natural radiance, vitality and balance are restored. It looks healthier.

Crème Bio-logique 27 is a daily face treatment for all skin types. Apply day and/or night on a perfectly clean skin. The light texture cream melts into the epidermis. Non oily it is suited to all skin types. We recommend using a complementing serum depending on the skin needs and season.