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Cosmetics 27
Cleanser 27

72 €
Type: facial cleanser

Double cleansing & exfoliationg balm that works in 3 phases- balm/oil/milky emulsion. The 100% natural formula cleanses thorougghly while gently exfoliating the epidermis dead cells, thus activating skin regeneration , leaving it cleared , moisturized and glowy.

Make up removing as the selected vegetal oils & butters remove all traces of make up, sebum and other oil soluble dirt and pollutants.
Deep cleansing through the natural emulsion that is produced under water.
Exfoliating with the natural Bamboo micronized powder that softly removes the top asphyxiating dead cells that accumulate daily from the natural cellular renewal activity.
Helps restore the hydrolipidic film, the skin essential protective barrier. The skin is thoroughly cleansed fresh is moisturised, soft and supple. Dryer skin no longer feels “itchy and tight” . The complexion appears revived,cleared, more radiant.

Daily skin cleansing is the most crucial ritual for treating and preserving a healthy skin. Even without make-up, impurities and pollution build up on the skin every day.

Apply a nut on each cheek, on a dry face.

Massage in for 1 minute, avoiding the eyes (not suitable for eye make-up removing alone) until the balm changes texture and becomes oily.

Add some water (equal part) the face, the balm turns into a soft creamy emulsion.

Massage for another minute to complete cleansing and the gentle exfoliation.

Rinse with water, with a natural sponge (Konjac ) or coton , then gently pat the face dry with a towel.

Cleanser 27 is suitable to all skin. Especially recommended for dry, dehydtrated, sensitive skin and those that are tired , stressed and exposed to harsh environments. It can be used morning and night. Tested under dermatological control. Non comedogenic.