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Jusbox Perfumes
Cheeky Smile Set

Jusbox Perfumes
Cheeky Smile Set

195 €
Type: gift set

Cheeky Smile Gift Set consists of:
1 Cheeky Smile EDP 78 ml
1 Cheeky Smile EDP 7,8 ml
1 Feather Supreme EDP 7,8 ml
1 Night Flow EDP 7,8 ml

Cheeky Smile

Music is religion. Acid House is a cult. The second season of Summer of Love opens in London temples Shoom and Future. DJs are the spiritual guides of this cultural movement, a youth revolution that is consecrated during musical liturgies that are synthesized and reproduced on a TB-303 base. House music’s rituals take place in spots chosen by its disciples, the young. The Word: everlasting fun.

Top notes: Iso E Super, Ambrocenide
Heart notes: Ambroxan, Ambercore
Bottom notes: Cashmeran, Amber Extreme

Feather Supreme

Feather Supreme, homage to Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin’s strength and femininity, is a refined and timeless floral harmony. The energy and freshness of mandarin and bergamot evoke the unique tone of an unmistakable voice. The heart unveils the perfume’s unrestrainable intensity and strength: a powerful accord of jasmine, tuberose, rose and ylang-ylang explodes with full voice and the fragrance vibrates in an endless high note. In the dry down, softer sonorities of musk and labdanum blend with patchouli heart , adding a touch of soul to the composition. Feather Supreme, creation of master perfumer Dominique Ropion, is a deeply feminine fragrance, disruptive yet delicate, a capturing of Aretha Franklin’s unique voice.

Top notes: Mandarin, bergamot, apple
Heart notes: Rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine and tuberose
Bottom notes: Patchouli heart, labdanum, musk

Night Flow

It is the lyrics of the night, when the universe reveals itself in all its secret nuances to those who never give up. This is when conflicts become poetry, dissonance becomes harmony and tension dissolves into the creation of a new dawn. For Night Flow, Master of Ceremonies Julien Rasquinet creates a eurhythmic, intense and bold composition. The explosive and spicy opening of pink pepper LMR and saffron surrenders to the deep sweetness of raspberry. The sensuality of osmanthus LMR and the warm soul of Davana essential oil are the perfect companions for the Lady-of-the Night – the Jasmine Sambac. A precious ambergris accord meets intense, dark-bohemian hints of patchouli oil, in an outstanding freestyling of leather and tolu balm. In the dark splendour of the night, the divine takes shape.

Top notes: Saffron, Raspberry, Pink Pepper LMR
Heart notes: Osmanthus LMR, Davana essential oil, Jasmine Sambac LMR
Bottom notes: Ambergris accord, Indonesian Patchouli Oil (Molecular Distillation LMR), Leather Accord, Tolu Balsam