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Blue Forever Whitening Toothpaste

Blue Forever Whitening Toothpaste

20 €
Type: toothpaste

Nostalgia is an ache in your heart far more potent than memory alone.
It’s the place we yearn to go again.
A place where we know we’re loved and safe.
Back home.

This theme is central to Blue Forever:
A love letter to the Mediterranean Ocean, centered around the romantic innocence of washed out memories, viewed through a lens of time past and melancholia.

It’s about innocence, and innocence lost.
It’s about longing home, and longing away.
It’s about the blue ocean, and blue memories.

Blue Forever is centered around one of my most revered childhood memories of being on my dad’s wooden boat on the teal sea under a pale sun. I wanted to capture the feeling of being young and careless, surrounded by my family and friends in the Mediterranean where I’m in the wind, I’m in the water. And I’m free, says Kristoffer Vural, founder of Selahatin.

Notes: Salt, Turkish Lime, Licorice, Siccilian Citrus & Peppermint

The Selahatin formulation is developed and produced in Switzerland, contains fluoride, four whitening agents as well as anti-oxidants.

• Made in Switzerland
• Housed in aluminium tube
• Long-lasting
• Anti-inflammatory
• Vetted by the Swedish Dental Association