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Cosmetics 27
Baume 27

From 95 €

The ultimate skin regenerating, repairing, highly anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle face cream. The cult formula is powered by 3 natural purified extracts of Centella Asiatica. Its unique properties also lie in the composition around a selection of natural high performance active ingredients, precious oils , soothing agents that moisturize, nourish, soothe, regenerate, protect and restore the skin to leave it healthy and luminous.

Baume 27 started as a “tested & proven” formula to become a “cult” product, renowned today for its exceptional results on skin all over the world.

The unique properties of the formula:
Repairs and regenerates by stimulating the neosynthesis of collagen (4 types of collagen) and proteoglycans, essential protein and glycan components of the skin tissue. These skin components literally “reweave” the skin.
Protects the skin from oxidation factors Baume 27 acts powerfully to counter free radicals responsible for inflammation and skin ageing- clinically tested.

Soothes skin irritations & small redresses red, stinging with the unique, patented, Centella Asiatica extracts Complex as well as Aloe Vera that tend to inhibit the release of the mediators of inflammation.
Intensely moisturizes, nourishes and retextures. Enriched in soft butters (Shea butter, Sal butter) and precious oils (sesame oil, Essential Extract of Sesame Oil), it brings the Omega 3 & 6 needed for the skin structuring. Its amazing results are soon visible: the skin is deeply restructured and revitalized. Its density, firmness, elasticity and tone are restored. The epidermis feels soft, as if renewed. The complexion appears more radiant and healthy!

Baume 27 is an anti-ageing and pro-ageing (prevention) treatment. It is also recommended for any skin repair need (stressed, damaged skin). It is particularly indicated for premature and mature skin, prone to dryness and dehydration as well as for damaged skin. Apply a small nut, day & night, onto a clean face, depending on skin condition, need and the season. It can also be applied on the neck and décoletté. In order to adapt the Baume 27 texture to a specific skin type or taste, it can be blended with Essence 27 (lighter texture) or Huile 27 (richer texture) or both.

Dry skin: apply day or night and adjust the dosage and use according to the skin's condition.
Normal/combination skin: to be used essentially as a night cream or, during the day, mixed with Essence 27 (5 drops) for better fluidity
Sensitive and reactive skin: test Baume 27 for 24 hours on a small area of the face or neck before application.
Precautions for use : Avoid the eye contour - Do not apply in the event of a dermatological treatment prescribed by a physician - Do not apply onto wounds or abrased skin.