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Etat libre d'Orange
500 Years

200 €

eau de parfum (EDP)

By the rose I remain.
The materials chosen are universal, intense, and rare. There is the perspective of a wake before eternity between oud and spices that serve the rose. With this flower, everything begins and ends, like the renaissance and poetry.
„Mignone allons voir si la rose“ write the poet Pierre de Ronsard in 1545.
To save us by the rose. No more, no less. Five hundred years ago, merchants confronted the two established orders :
the Red (priests) and the Black (soldiers). They created a third path, cleansed of dictates, for the proliferation of the arts – and perfume. Etat Libre d’Orange honors the sons
and daughters of the Renaissance by offering a trail of insight and alliance for their skin.