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L:a Bruket
257 Bastu Room Diffuser

70 €
Type: room Diffuser

Bastu is Swedish word for 'sauna'. The senses are immediately enveloped by this new scent: water sizzling on hot charcoal, earthy notes from the cedar walls enriching the air, fresh birch leaves lashed over the body to stimulate and cleanse. Room diffuser, in limited edition inspired by the "Bastu", Swedish for sauna, based on a vegetable solubiliser with natural rattan reed sticks. Room diffuser with a scent of cedar wood and pine tar. Based on a vegetable solubiliser derived from renewable sources. Presented in an amber glass bottle with natural rattan reed sticks and has a life span of at least 5 months. Put the sticks in the solubiliser liquid and let soak for a while. Turn them around after 30 minutes and make sure not to spill the liquid. Put the bottle in a safe place away from direct sunlight.